Opening of church buildings during the pandemic

Although it's not possible to hold church services (other than funerals) during the November lockdown, church buildings may be open for individual prayer (only).

The opening of church buildings has followed Church of England and Government requirements in order to protect all who use them and to remain within the law. Unlike most businesses, most of our churches are cared for and cleaned by people over 70 and therefore in the Government's vulnerable category: not all churches will be open every day.

We will post details of when churches are due to open on the calendar. Note that sometimes (e.g. to accommodate a funeral service) we may need to close a church on additional days, until cleaning can take place or to be confident that any virus has died off.

General precautions:-

  • Do not visit if you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have ben told to isolate.
  • A face-covering is required by Government regulations (unless you are exempt).
  • Maintain social distancing (2 metres) and good hygiene (e.g. using disposable tissues).
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided on entry and exit.
  • Avoid touching surfaces, books, etc. or any leaflets unless you are taking them away with you.
  • If doors are open please leave them open; if they are not open we will regularly clean the handles.
  • Obey any notices (e.g. closing off parts of the church or restricting seating).
  • Please leave any prayer requests for us on a piece of paper (use your own pen).

May you know the presence and peace of God as you visit and when you have left.