Acle St. Edmund Gift Day

Saturday 13th November at the Farmers' Market (Church Hall, 9am - noon)
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Letter to parishioners:-

 The Parish of Acle
within the Acle and Bure to Yare Benefice.

The Rectory, Norwich Road, Acle, NORWICH NR13 3BU              (01493) 750393



October 2021


Dear Parishioner,

St. Edmund’s Gift Day 2021: Saturday 13th November

The Diocese of Norwich has just decided to sell Reedham Rectory. That is certainly of interest to residents of Reedham, but why I am I mentioning it in a letter to Acle parishioners?

Apart from what we need for the upkeep of St. Edmund’s Church, part of the money raised by Acle Parochial Church Council each year goes to fund the provision of clergy (including the rectories or vicarages we live in). Until 2018, Reedham Rectory was used to house an associate priest in the Acle and Bure to Yare group of churches. Unfortunately, our churches were never able to raise enough funds to pay anything towards that post – so, in these difficult financial times, it has been withdrawn and the house (like many former rectories) released for sale. That leaves me as the only priest in a group of seven parishes; and dashes any hopes Reedham residents might have had of continuing to have a member of the clergy based in their village.

You might feel that would never happen in Acle. But people used to think Acle would never be without a bank or (effectively) a police station. The Church of England is committed to providing ministry in every community, including where churches have closed (I continue to minister in Moulton St. Mary, as well as in Reedham); but where that ministry is located is repeatedly reviewed – and finance is one of the considerations. The best way to help maintain local ministry is to give to your local church: even if you don’t feel you need it now, there may be a time when you do want it to be there for you, or for others in the community.

St. Edmund’s annual Gift Day is on Saturday 13th November and there is a variety of ways to give:-

  • On-line at
    (or, if you prefer JustGiving, at ).
  • By bank transfer to “Acle PCC”; sort code 20-99-21; a/c 10402850; reference “Gift Day”.
  • By delivering or posting a donation to The Rectory, Norwich Road (NR13 3BU); if possible, with an accompanying Gift Aid form ; make cheques payable to “Acle PCC”.
  • By bringing it to me on the day at the Farmers’ Market in the church hall (9am – 12 noon).

 With sincere thanks for your support to me personally and to St. Edmund’s Church,



                                    The Rev'd Martin Greenland