Details of the toilet

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The toilet will be located at the far west end of the churchyard.  Access will be via the existing level path, which will be extended slightly.  It will be suitable for wheelchairs, and there will be a shallow concrete ramp up to a level space in front of the door.  The toilet door opens outward, but there will still be plenty of level space to manoeuvre a wheelchair through the doorway. Site map

The toilet will be housed in a well-built wooden shed with a double-pitched roof.  Wooden shingles will be used, of the same wood (Western Red Cedar) as the shed itself.  Shed elevations

Internally, the shed will contain a toilet pedestal and a urinal.  There will also be a second lower urinal for boys (which is not shown on the drawings, but will be located beside the adult urinal.  All the fittings necessary for disabled access will be fitted as well.  Internal layout

The technical details of how the toilet works can be found in the following two documents: Brochure   How it works