Wickhampton Biblethon

The Biblethon held at Wickhampton St Andrews on September 10th and 11th was a great success.  We had 42 readers from all over the benefice and beyond - Acle, Beighton, Halvergate, Freethorpe, Wickhampton, Reedham, Limpenhoe, Rackheath, Salhouse and Hemblington - reading continuously from 8.30 am Saturday to 8.30 am Sunday.  All who took part found it a moving experience.  Among the comments were 'my half-hour just flashed past' and 'it is so different to read a long continuous passage, compared with the short extracts we get in the church services'.

The Biblethon booklets, containing the readings and reflections of all who took part, are now available at each church and additional copies can be obtained from Peter Allies (peter@gullmeadow.com)

The Biblethon was not just a wonderful experience for those who read or came to listen, it was also a financial success.  Readers were sponsored, and the total amount raised was £2,288.  With Gift Aid, this will add more than £2,500 to the Tower Restoration Appeal.

Our grateful thanks to all who took part, including those who quietly organised in the background, ensuring that the breakfast on Sunday morning, and the Holy Communion service which followed, ran smoothly and happily.