Pattern of Worship from July 2021

The Benefice Council has agreed to trial a new pattern of worship from July (to tie in with the lifting of Coronavirus restrictions). Our pre-Covid pattern was based on having two priests in the Benefice, which is no longer the case. More positively, we are providing more opportunities to worship together, with a less-crowded worship rota providing more opportunities for creativity.

The basic principle (see the table below) is that on the 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month worship will be locally-based, with services in most of our buildings. On the 2nd and 4th Sundays the encouragement is to come together, with early services using the Book of Common Prayer, followed by a single 11am service at Acle, Freethorpe, Reedham or another of our churches. There will be a Benefice Service on any 5th Sunday, as before (but no longer at 10.30am).







Halvergate, Limpenhoe, Wickhampton

Acle, Beighton,
Freethorpe, Reedham




Freethorpe or Benefice Service



Halvergate, Limpenhoe

Acle, Freethorpe, Reedham




Acle or Reedham




Benefice Service

The actual cycle is a 2-month one. The smaller congregations (Beighton, Limpenhoe, Wickhampton) will host a celebration of Holy Communion once every other month; the larger ones (Acle 11am, Freethorpe, Halvergate, Reedham) usually once each month – see the website or Outlook each month for details.

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