Acle's Thatch Appeal

Acle St. Edmund: Thatch Appeal

Stop Press (6 Sept 2020): a grant of £2,000 from Geoffrey Watling Trust means we have reached our target!
Thank you very much to everyone who donated. The thatcher is now making good progress on site.
He found an Aero wrapper in the roof space from when it was last done: price 2d (pre-decimalisation)!


Some people will be able to remember the south slope of the nave roof being rethatched in 1996.


It's now the turn of the north slope (dated c.1970) plus the sedge ridge, with repair and dressing of the south slope.

We are looking to raise £40,000     

– includes a contingency for any necessary work to the roof timbers once they are exposed.




We already had £2,600; the Church Council has allocated a further £7,500.

As a Norfolk Broads church, it is fitting that this local landmark continues to be part-thatched.


Can you help us?


On-line donations:

Peoples Fundraising (preferred) (include "thatch" in the message)

Thank you!



August update

Thank you to Garfield Weston Foundation for a grant of £4,000 - with private donations this bring us within reach of our target!

Late July update

Because of the need to do the work before the autumn, we have given the go ahead to the thatcher to be on site for most of August.

We are still £7,000 short of our target (but have the facility of a loan from the Parish Council - see below) so donations are still very welcome!

July update

Thank you to R.C. Snelling Charitable Trust for a grant of £2,000.
An unexpected unreclaimable VAT bill for the reed demonstrates the wisdom of including a contingency within the target sum.


June update:  Thank you to:-

  • Acle Conservative Association Amenity Fund  £1,500
  • Arthur Jary & Sons (Funeral Directors)  £500

Two further grant applications have been submitted, so it feels as though we might be in the home straight!

Late May update: Thank you to the following:-

  • Round Tower Churches Society  £3,000
  • Allchurches Trust  £1,500
  • Acle Parish Council  £1,000 plus the offer of a loan.

Unfortunately we are still £12,600 short,
with only one grant application outstanding.

Can you help with a donation?

April update: Thank you to Norfolk Churches Trust for the promise of a £3,000 grant.
We are now halfway to our total!

However, Coronavirus has severely affected our fundraising plans; on-line donations (above) would be particularly welcome. We don't want to have to defer the work and risk another winter.

February update: Thank you very much to all involved in Acle's Winter Beer Festival for the donation of £1,825 - putting us one third of the way there!